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Finland Finland
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Kauppi Heikki
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Nettoimport Oy, Hirventie 1 A, l- 13500 Hämeen
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About the company

Nettoimport is an agent / broker and importer of groceries, based in Hämeenlinna, 100 km to the North of Helsinki, Finland.

Our main mission is to import to our retail and catering customers as well as to the domestic industry high quality products and raw materials with good price / quality ratio.

We are searching to our Finnish customers products to their requirements to a competitive price and in this way helping foreign suppliers to find the right customers and sales channels.

We are selling the products under private labels of our customers and under suppliers brands.

Our large portfolio consists of canned vegetables and fruits, sweets, chocolates, snacks, noodles, rice, pasta and a range of paper products. In the range of sweets, chocolates and snacks we have a lot of seasonal products.

Our import warehouse is in Hansalogistics in Hämeenlinna.