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DISTRI PLAN Michał Białowiejski

Poland Poland
Person in charge
Białowiejski Michal
Business activity
Industry the company belongs
Szczecinek, Polska
Number of employees
Point of sales
Existing clients
Healthy People, Vivera,
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About the company

We offer a wide range of services that provide tangible and positive results for your business! Short Report (within 72 hours) includes: - Current prices on the shelves 5 similar products - Photos from 5 chains with exposition of similar products - Info about Promotions of similar products - Information about the approximate costs of marketing to launch products to the 5 chains Full report (within 7 days) includes: - Information from the short report - Contacts to buyers and decision makers from the 5 major retail chains - The value of turnover by the data networks in a market Additional services: - Translation of commercial contracts - Merchandising products in stores - Organization of the promotion products in all chains (events, hostesses, tastings, POS materials) - Transport ambiente, chilled, frozen from 1pallet to 1000