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About the company

Phyllo Bar Melinas

Canada Canada
Person in charge
Chery Joanna
Business activity
Bar / Cafe / Restaurant
Industry the company belongs
5733 Park Avenue, Montreal, QC, Canada
Number of employees
Point of sales
Restaurants/Bar/Café, Supermarkets
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About the company

We're a Greek take out counter founded in December 2011. Phyllo Bar Melina's is a cozy snack, counter, specializing in authentic Greek Phyllo pies (Spanakopita, Tyropita, Prassopita & Bougatsa). We can satisfy your savoury and sweet tooth with our wonderful selection and provide you with a dose of great caffeine. Our idea was to have a small and welcoming space that emphasized great design and impeccable service. We wanted to pay homage to Greece's modern golden era between the 1950's and the 1970's, a period when the nation was making great strides in film, music and literature.