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About the company

the Green Greek (de Groene Griek) Organic

Netherlands Netherlands
Person in charge
de Haan Martin
Business activity
Industry the company belongs
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Number of employees
Point of sales
Delicatessen boutiques, End consumer, Restaurants/Bar/Café
Existing clients
The green greek has a client base of 50 small shops and some ditributors in the Netherlands
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About the company

The Green Greek was founded in 2011 by Martijn de Haan, and is based in Amsterdam. Recently Theofilos Karkasis joined the team. Theo shares an extensive knowledge with martijn on Greek food produce. Our main goal is to promote Greece as an excellent food producing country that can meet or surpass the quality of any country in Europe. The story behind every producer is important to us as it helps us understand their produce and production methods and to develop a successful way to introduce them to the markets. The Green Greek’s policy is to buy DIRECTLY from the Greek producer and through cooperation and dialogue succeed in creating market demand. The aim of the Green Greek is to enrich the culture and taste of Greece in Europe. Over the years The Green Greek has been expanding its portfolio from olive oil to dairy products (sheep cheese, Feta, yoghurt) all kinds of herbs wine and beer, table olives, etc. During our many travels to Greece we have built a catologue of producers fit foar any market: organic or non-organic, small and large quantities, bulk or packed, Greek label or private label.