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About the company

LLC Georgian Herbs

Georgia Georgia
Person in charge
Chachanidze Konstantin
Industry the company belongs
G. Tabidze street 3/5, 0105 Tbilisi
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About the company

Ltd Georgian Herbs has been established in 2012 by experienced wild harvesters and exporters of medicinal herbs. We specialize in collection, drying, production and export of natural wild berries, mushrooms, seeds and medicinal & culinary herbs of Georgia. Most of our products are exported worldwide. We offer our clients following products: Dried mushrooms from wild collection - Boletus Edulis, Amanita Caesarea Culinary and medicinal herbs - Laurel (bay) leaf, Licorice roots (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) - Dried, cut and pressed. Available also in other variations on demand. St. Johns wort and other. Fruits and berries from wild collection - Rosehip, Blueberries, wild apples and more Spices - Sumakh, Marigold, Svanetian salt, Dry Ajika etc.