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France France
Person in charge
Roux Arnaud
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Marseille, France
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About the company

CODEFA MARSEILLE has a significant volume of flexible storage that allows it to receive oil of different origins, types and varieties and to use them in a perfect state of conservation all throughout the process, in stainless steel vats and at controlled temperatures. Its know-how is selecting different oils and enhancing them to meet the expectations of its customers and consumers. Codefa Marseille performs this meticulous work in compliance with standards and regulations as well as the expectations of the market; and in collaboration with producers who have become key players in the industry over the course of time. Three packaging lines complete the Marseilles structure and make it the pilot oil mill that both creates specialty oils for its own brand or for others. Large groups and smaller companies are part of its clientele. Today, the SME seeks to unveil its true identity and share its know-how by affirming its position as a major player in the oil and sauce market. All the means necessary for accomplishing this goal are being mobilized. The ushering-in of the new generation of management, directors and department heads 30 years younger than the previous set, certainly play a part in this new dynamic.