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About the company

Savramis Vasilis Co. Ltd.

Greece Greece
Person in charge
Konstas Spyros
Industry the company belongs
226 Pireos str. Tavros, 17778, Athens , Greece
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About the company

Savramis Vasilis & Co Ltd is specialized in Frozen Seafood and Fish products from all over the world and Greek production as well.We are leader in the domestic market for over 20 years and have established strong and reliable cooperation around the world with very well known companies from: Morocco , Mauritania , New Zealand , South Africa, India, Panama, Ecuador, Argentina, China, Vietnam, Spain and more. Apart from our distribution network in Greek market with our own fleet of trucks, we export our full range of products including Greek Seafood production, freezing in North of Greece from Aegean Sea (Mediterranean) to : Italy, Spain, Portuga, Cyprus, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Malta, Croatia, Bulgaria, FYROM, England, Canada. We distribute with success from Greek production: • Anchovy Whole / Headless / Fillets – engraulis encrasicolus • Pink Shrimps (parapenaeus longirostris) • Sardines – sardine pilchardus • Octopus – octopus vulgaris • Moscardini – eledone moschata • Cannocchie - Squilla Mantis • Monkfish – lophius piscatorius • Blue Crabs Whole / Half Cut and Gutted–callinectes sapidus and • Sea Bream - sparus aurata (Cyprus) • Sea Bass - dicentrarchus labrax (Cyprus) we are always at your disposal.