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About the company

Nature Blessed PC

Greece Greece
Person in charge
Damianaki Ioanna
Industry the company belongs
Industrial Area of sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece
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About the company

Our company Nature Blessed, which is located in the Thessaloniki Industrial Area Sindos in Greece-Europe, bottling, standardizing and trading with finest Greek olive oils, the core ingredient of Mediterranean Diet! With our love to olive oil, and combining our deep knowledge of traditional production techniques, as we are producers of olive oil the last 35 years with high-tech quality control, we are ready to provide you the hidden treasures of Greek nature. It is very important to mention that our product-code “Divine Mount Olympus” is certified with the Certificate of Analysis from the University of Athens in Greece, as evidence that the olive oil that we use belongs to the olive category that protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress, according to the European Union regulation 432/2012 and contain the ideal biological levels of oleocanthal and oleacein. The “Divine Mount Olympus” is a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml in Luxury case with extra cork, flow inside and the bottles are numbered. It is honored with Gold Award in 2015 New York international Olive Oil Competition and also with the Prestige Gold Award in Israel international Olive Oil Competition in June 2015, both for the quality and the flavor. The DIVINE Mount Olympus is honored Gold Award in 2016 International Olive Oil Competition in Japan. The product-code “Oregano with Chili Flavor” has been awarded with Prestige Gold award in the Israel International Olive oil competition .Our company is also honored with the Best Packaging Design in 2015 Israel competition. In the 1st international Olive Oil competition “Athena”, our product Nature Blessed 500 & 250ml honored with Gold Award for the olive oil quality and taste and also the award of the ‘’Best Olive Oil’’ in Macedonia, Greece. In the Israel Olive Oil Competition 2016 our products honored with the follow: 1) Divine mount Olympus Prestige Gold Award 2) Divine mount Olympus Best Olive Oil in Greece You can browse our products at our website . Please do not hesitate to contact with us if you need any information.