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About the company

Crius LTD

Greece Greece
Person in charge
Loufas Theodore
Industry the company belongs
Alvanikou Epous 3, Ilion, Greece
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About the company

Our company has a three generation tradition in olive oil processing. Today, we continue to produce extra virgin olive oil and other specialty products with high nutritional content for you and your loved ones. We continue to use the same knowledge and expertise handed down from our ancestors. With modern machinery and methods that keep all the rich nutrients and antioxidant contents, needed in our daily diet, we offer you a top quality product range. Our products were born out of Hesiod’s Theogony (1000 - 700 BCE). Connecting the past with the present and future, we created unique, authentic Greek products for every family and dinner table. Traditionally, olive oil was stored in ceramic jars, protecting it from direct light and extremely high or low temperatures. Excavations at Nestor’s Palace, uncovered numerous clay pots and urns that once stored precious olive oil and olives. Our handmade ceramic bottle connects the ancient Messinian way with the present.