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Greece Greece
Person in charge
Vlachou Penny
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Glyfada Ancient Corinth, 20011
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About the company

Fereikos is based in Αncient Corinth, Greece and oversees the global development of organic snail farming and snail products. The company’s name is derived from two ancient Greek words – “fero” – to carry, and “oikos” – house, which when combined, translates literally as “I carry my own house”, an apt description of the snail. Fereikos is focused on two principles: people and quality. During the years we invest in R&D in order to develop new methods and know how in the farming sector and innovative products. Not only did we revolutionize the snail farming, but while doing this we have developed a new business model for the primary sector. We believe in synergies with people and companies that share the same values such as: – Continuous improvement – Innovation – Environmental responsibility – Respect of tradition – Promote culinary excellence – Promote a healthy Mediterranean diet and nutrition Our mission is to deliver certified products of different snail species all year around while maintaining highest quality standards. Fereikos has been honored with several awards for the services and products.