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Antigonos General Partners

Greece Greece
Person in charge
Karantzas Lazaros
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Magnisias 3, Florina, Ελλάδα
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About the company

About the company ANTIGONOS General Partners is engaged in exporting a wide variety of Greek Mediterranean agricultural products controlling all stages from production to final Delivery of products for consumption. Controlling the production of a wide range of production areas in various parts of Greece, we can adapt to our customers' demanding needs by offering high quality products in all seasons. We have significant experience in the transport sector and guarantee the prompt and safe delivery of goods to the warehouse of the customer. More information are available in our web-site : Standardization and quality control Our people control all the standardization and quality control process following high level European and international quality standards. Strategy Our company is a flexible supplier providing integrated services by sending products directly to the warehouses of our customers. Executive services For many products and under specific conditions, we can provide optimized pallet loading for different types of products in order to supply the clients with various types of products even in small quantities than a pallet Private label service Under specific conditions, we can provide P.L. (private label) services to our clients. Products Please find attached our PRODUCTS CATALOGUE where you can see all our basic categories (ANTIGONOS_PRODUCTS.pdf) and their packaging characteristics. Our basic categories : 1. OLIVE PRODUCTS 1.1 Olive oil 1.2 Olives 1.3 Olive Oil Derivatives 2. GREEK HIGH QUALITY HONEY 3. FRESH FRUITS 4. VEGETABLES 5. BEVERAGES & WATER 6. HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS FROM THE GREEK NATURE 6.1 Oregano 6.2 Capers 6.3 Greek Natural Tea 6.4 Aromatic plants & herbs 7. DELI FOODS 7.1 Deli peppers (variety of flavors, types, packaging) 7.2 Dried tomato 7.3 Deli traditional salads 7.4 Cretan diet Foods 8. BAKERY PRODUCTS 8.1 Pure natural cooking flour 8.2 Dough products for bakery 8.3 Traditional Greek pies 9. CHEESES 9.1 Greek FETA 9.2 Traditional Greek cheeses (Protected Geographical Indication products) 10. SUGAR PRODUCTS 10.1 Marmelades (sugary / with stevia) 10.2 Greek Halva 10.3 Greek delights 11. BEER NUTS - DRIED FRUITS - SPICES 12. COFFEES 12.1 Greek Coffees Few words about our olive oil products Our main product identification is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is the main national quality product of Greece with worldwide fame and recognition. At the same time, we have a wide range of derivative products such as olive oil, olive paste and pure natural oil-soap. Only the highest quality pre-sorted olives are selected from the cultures in order to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil. We choose "Koronaiki" olive oil variety well knowing that it is a top quality olive oil with a global reputation. At the same time, several varieties of selected areas in Greece, allowing our customers to enjoy a different and unique taste of our olive oil products. Our company follows strict European regulations and standards controlling the entire process from the production phase and the oil quality control until the final formulation - packaging of both olive oil and its derived products. In the wide range of our products, the gift box which includes the "ANTIGONOS - Nephele" Extra Virgin Olive oil (acidity <0.40) and pure natural oil-soap, gives us the opportunity to present a unique executive product. We do our best to present excellent quality and service in the most competing prices of the market and to satisfy any special need of our clients.