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About the company

Flegga Creamery

Greece Greece
Person in charge
Laitsos Christos
Industry the company belongs
1st km Velestino- Volos
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About the company

Flegga Creamery is set high on protecting Greek traditional cheeses and producing the most delicious, virgin Greek cheese flavors, always with the highest quality standards. The company combines tradition with modernization, resulting in invariably high quality and taste. At the "Flegga" premises we produce a wide range of traditional cheeses: Feta, Kasseri, Hard Cheese (Kefalotyri, Graviera), goat butter, soft white cheese (Manouri, anthotiro), yogurts, as well as a series of light and low-fat products, responding to customers' requirements. The above products are available at various packaging and containers, with the possibility of adjusting to even more if needed from consumers."Flegga" dairy reach consumers mainly through the five retail shops the company runs at Volos and Velestino, as well as through selected shops which aim at keeping the quality of goods at high standards throughout Greece. Lately, "Flegga" dairy have been available to various European countries, opening up to other people and introducing them to these unique tastes.