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Messinian Hub-herbal products

Greece Greece
Person in charge
Kadoglou Nikos
Industry the company belongs
Food/Pharmaceutical Products/Health, Beauty & Cosmetics
190 Siggrou Avenue
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About the company

Messinian Hub is a new innovative company in the field of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAPs). It combines the micropropagation laboratory (in vitro), the installation of vertically integrated production (cultivation, processing, packaging) of MAPs and the creation of a group of farmers oriented to alternative agriculture. The company aims to use high quality raw materials, which will be standardized either as small plants (plantlets), dried herbs or essential oils. The main innovation lies in tissue culture, meaning the production of very large numbers of genetically – similar plants, the possibility of propagation and eventually survival of endangered plant species and the possibility of maintaining a certified genetic material in preservation bank for a long period of time. The mass production of plants, during the year, in a limited space and time, in conjunction with the vertically integrated production unit, is the competitive advantage of the company, as it seeks to cover the entire production cycle of MAPs, creating economies of scale.