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Greece Greece
Person in charge
Kanakaki Nana
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1-3 Parthenonos str. 14671 N. Erythraia, Greece
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About the company

Κarpea: from the Greek word καρπός [karpos] (n.), genitive: Καρπού, m, meaning fruit, grain, produce. In ancient Greece “καρπός’’ symbolized autumn, ripening, harvesting. Karpea S.A. is a company with 35 years of history, but more than 60 years of know how in the field of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Kalamata Olives. During all this time, we remain loyal to the same values: authenticity, credibility, customer satisfaction. Modern facilities, advanced technology and dedication to Greek tradition, compose a company that targets to the complete satisfaction of our partners and customers. Our aim is bringing always an ultimate taste to the end consumer and a total satisfaction to our partners around the world. Constantly analyzing consumer needs of new aromas and different flavors, Karpea offers innovated products from Greek mother nature to your table. With a wide range of products, from our standard traditional line to our premium and gourmet options, we have managed to serve every need in the category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Kalamata Olives. Certifications & Awards: The company operates in accordance with international standards ISO 22000, ISO 22005, ISO 9001, BRC, IFS. It possesses all the credentials for PDO & PGI products, as well as for organic farming products. All of our products also hold the ΚΟSHER certificate. In addition, in order to guarantee the best organoleptic characteristics, regular analyses are performed by our cooperating certified laboratory, member of the International Olive Oil Council, as well as by international laboratories. Karpea has been awarded with ITQI award for 0.3, Organic & Athinolia EVOO.