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Cyprus Cyprus
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Oikonomou Harry
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Cyprus, Nicosia
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About the company

nuttra - Greek quality nutrition nuttra focuses in exporting only finest quality Greek food products around the world. We export extra virgin olive oil, olive paste and olives in jar as well as corithian currants (Vostizza p.d.o). All our products are of organic farming and come with certificates. For further info please visit our web page. Olives are cultivated in Greece since 5.000 years now. It is not only for this reason that Greek olive oil is considerd to be the best in the World. We at nuttra are doing our best to continue that proud tradition. Our olive oil comes only from freshly harvested olives and is of finest quality. It is cold extracted and only by mechanical means in low temperatures, thus preserving the proportion of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, natural antioxidants. The extraction of cold-pressed oils is still carried out today in a simple and traditional way. Euphoria is our leading extra virgin olive oil (bio). Euphoria (pron.: /juːˈfɔəriə/; from Ancient Greek εὐφορία, from εὖ eu, "well", and φέρω pherō, "to bear") semantically opposite of dysphoria) is medically r ecognized as a mental and emotional condition in which a person experiences intense feelings of well-being,elation, happiness, excitement, and joy. Corinthian currants (Vostizza p.d.o) are rightfully considered as a superfood. Black currants are cultivated in Greece for the last 3.500 years. It's high price and quality was recognised during ancient times where you could buy a slave with two jars of dried black currants. Untill the 14th century black currants played a major part in Europes food industry. Today up to 95% of the local production is exported all over the world.