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Pistachio Agricultural Cooperative of Molos-Thermopyles

Greece Greece
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About the company

The Thermopyles - Molos Pistachio Cooperative of Greece, was created 5 years ago (July 27, 2011). It consists of 70 producers, whose fields are located in and around the surrounding agrarian region of Molos Municipal District and the historic area of Thermopyles, covering an area of about 180 hectares, which extends from the coastal zone to the southern highlands at an altitude of 400 - 500 meters. n this area there are around 36,000 pistachio trees owned by our members, which produce about 1 50 - 250 tons of pistachio (average crop of the last five years).The Thermopyles - Molos Cooperative Pistachio possesses all the necessary safety certificates (Agro 2.1 , 2.2, GLOBALGAP, ISO: 22000/2005) that makes it a high quality product. We also have been certified with P.D.O. kelifoto Fystiki Fthiotidas: POC/2444 - 23760.13 certification, for our pistachios. The nutritional value analysis of our product shows that it contains 49% unsaturated fats. This is our little secret that gives the extra premium sweet taste to our product. Through Integrated Cultivation Management (CM), with full traceability from harvest until the final stage of sale to the consumer, and analyses for pesticide residues & aflatoxin to a our members, we ensure the crystal purity of the product and the quality that we seek, so that the consumer can be absolutely sure about the pistachio he and his family enjoy.