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Greece Greece
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Malandrino, Phocis, Greece
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About the company

The Professional Workshop of Honey Production & Standardization “MELLIN” is a family business and was founded in Malandrino Doris 2014. Dating back in 1953, Constadine Panayiotopoulos, a firefighter and tailor, a nature and healthy diet enthusiast, started occupying himself with beekeeping. Afterwards, with his son-in-law’s aid, Athanasios, an agriculturalist, they managed to develop the beekeeping business and their effort is still going on up to now. The third-generation beekeepers Yannis and Constadine Rellos, are now coming to complete the effort started 63 years ago. The permanent apiary is located on “Raches” at the foot of Mt Giona, in the Municipality of Delphi. The Wider area is covered with fir forests to a large extent and a lot of species of wild flowers and thyme thrive, as well. Mount Giona and the coastal area of Itea , Galaxidi up Nafpaktos belong to the European ecological network of regions Natura 2000, so into the ground of bee movement there are no arable areas so there is no possibility of their access to fertilizers. The low content in HMF, which constitutes an indicator of the ultimate quality of our honey, the controlled small-production as well as the verticalized procedure of production give you the opportunity to taste some honey of an excellent quality. The company, with approval code 07SM1 and being certified organic, applies food safety HACCP system as required by Greek and European legislation. The name “ΜΕΛΛΗΝ“ comes from the combination of the greek words ΜΕΛΙ – ΕΛΛΗΝ – ΜΕΛΛΟΝ which mean honey, Greek and future respectively. The selection of the jar as well as the design of the whole package is based on the golden number Φ and the Euclidean geometry. The inspiration of the right side of the package has come from the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, in the vestibule of which the two well-known aphorisms ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ (Know Thyself) and ΜΗΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝ (Everything in Moderation) were inscribed on either sides of the sacred letter E. These 2 aphorisms, together with 145 more, were the mortgage the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece handed over to the next generations, benefits to the human life.