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Greece Greece
Person in charge
Vassilios Tsekouras
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Megala Kalyvia, Trikala
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About the company

Our olive oil company was founded in 2014 with a view to providing unique, high quality products of unparalleled value as well as disseminating the fine qualities of the Greek culture and the Mediterranean Nutrition all over the world. Both the name and the brand name derive from the dove, which carries an olive branch. Aristophanes, the ancient Greek playwright, is responsible for the original etymology of “COLUMBA”, as he was the first to describe the dove as something “swimming” in the air. “Columba” comes from the Ancient Greek word κόλυμβος, "a diver", from κολυμβάω (kolumbao), alluding to the dove’s swimming motion in the air. “OLIVIA” refers to the Ultra Premium Olive Oil. It has been a successful business course for us so far, always based on our values, principles, love for the environment and the “godly” olive tree of our ancestors as well as healthy diet. Our aim is to provide people both in Greece and abroad with the opportunity to taste the harmonious combination of bitter and spicy of our olive oil – one of the fundamental elements of the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, we can guarantee that we may constantly provide you with our special olive oil anywhere in the world. COLUMBA OLIVIA lavishly offers you one of the most beneficial foods on a global basis. Its chemical composition can actually be compared solely to breast milk composition, thus ascertaining that its ingredients significantly contribute to preventing and fighting a number of diseases. According to Hippocrates, “the Western Medicine physician”, there are more than 60 therapeutic uses of olive oil for people. Therefore, COLUMBA OLIVIA strongly promotes and constantly campaigns for a healthy lifestyle, friendship and peace in your life, by using olive oil in your daily meals.