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About the company

Aegean Naturals P.C.

Greece Greece
Person in charge
Bountri Vasiliki
Industry the company belongs
12, Dimokratias Str. 166 73 Voula
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About the company

"Aegean Naturals" is a Greek company that acts not only as producer, but also as wholesaler of innovative products, based on Greek natural resources such as the sea, the air and the sun. We believe in and we promote good health and environmental sustainability. We produce in an ecological way, natural “Sea Crystals®”, a totally unique product to be used in place of salt, as well as, by applying a unique method patented nationally and internationally with a 20 years of exclusivity. The distinctive difference and comparative advantage against any salt is the patented production of “Sea Crystals®” which is the combination of: 1.Ultra pure and clean sea water sourced from specific spot in the Aegean Sea certified for its cleanliness due to stream passing by from the specific spot under the surface of the sea. 2.Evaporation and gradual condensation and crystallization of the sea water in a space protected from environmental pollutants. As a result of the above, our product "Sea Crystals®” does not undergo any further processing whatsoever is required, NOT EVEN washing, only rinsing and in the case of dried products natural drying (either by sun or fresh air) also in protected space. Washing compromises natural sea taste as well as some of the minerals and micronutrients contained in the sea water. “Sea Crystals®” maintain these factors intact. 3.Our crystals are collected daily and are always fresh with 100% natural sea saltiness and rich in magnesium and zinc. Their 85 well-preserved ingredients are extremely essential for the balanced function of the human body. Focusing on reduced and low sodium products, we work on upgrading our production method so as to specialize in this area & always be in line with USA, EU & WHO regulations. The need for low-sodium packaged food now appears greater than ever.